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Accident claims are time intensive, requiring legal support that is often unavailable to see the claims collections process through. As a result, providers find themselves paying the claims given the difficulty associated with managing and billing insurers correctly. Our Patient Advocates are persistent in obtaining the proper insurance information to recover your maximum reimbursement allowable under the law.


Because CBS has the support of RevOne Companies’ legal team, we are able to file and perfect hospital liens (when authorized by state law) to assist in the recovery of the bills for services rendered resulting from the accident. Our legal team works directly with worker’s compensation carriers and patient attorneys to see the entitled is issued. Our attorneys are also available to handle all settlement issues, including mediation and any civil court proceedings.

CBS eliminates the stress and time commitment associated with these claims by managing all negotiations until settlement is imminent. We know which insurance company to bill, how payments should be made and the steps needed to obtain the maximum payment.

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